Ah, two of my favorite genres combined.

Porno is set in 1992 and concerns a movie theatre that stresses strong Christian values to its employees, the most subtly named of which is Chasity (Jillian Mueller) or Chaz for short. One night they discover this mysterious film reel that they decide to watch after work. The problem is that by doing so, they release a succubus that the credits refer to as Lilith (Katelyn Pearce), but she’s never called that in the movie itself.

The film starts strong because it opens with two people having sex. I’m kidding, of course. The movie starts great because of its pacing. This is one of those horror movies that takes its time to establish the characters before anything truly noteworthy happens. And as I have said in the past, this is something that I enjoy because I like horror movie characters that aren’t one-dimensional. Unfortunately, after the characters lock themselves in the projection room to escape Lilith, things slow down and start to get tedious, but the movie does bounce back a little by the very end.

Another thing I like about this movie is its score. The film has one of those two to four-note melodies that are so exquisite. The beauty of music like that is how that’s all you need to make music scary, like in Halloween or Cape Fear. I also like how the music in this has a bell leitmotif that sounds so good. It reminds me of the main theme from Suspira, which is one of several pieces of movie soundtrack that I love. 

In terms of being a good way to die, getting banged by a hot demon first is a 50-50.

The film’s plot deals with several potentially heavy topics like repression, religious hypocrisy, the “evils” of pornography (NSFW), and homosexuality. Now, this is a movie I was expecting to be able to take at face value, so I’m not quite sure if there is an intended message behind it all. That said, I’m almost certain that Porno is only meant to be pure entertainment, though. Typically, if a filmmaker sets out to deliver a morale, they like to make sure the audience really understands.

The violence in this movie is relatively tame at a 6 out of 10. The keyword is relatively because the most disgusting scene in the whole film is when Lilith explodes the testicles of one character. It is way worse than the d**k biting in Teeth because the camera lingers on the damaged penis far more in this one. It also happens to a character who’s annoying but not that bad overall. Unlike Teeth, which has this whole ‘eh–they kind of had that one coming.’

You may find this surprising, but Porno has gotten mostly positive reviews from critics. I guess it’s the horror movie equivalent of Katy Perry, as it has just the right amount of tastelessness to be enjoyable by the mainstream. Though it may not be as good as I was hoping it would be, it’s still entertaining enough. So, if you need a new horror movie to watch, I’d keep Porno in mind.

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